adidas Running App Run Tracker Review

adidas Running App Run Tracker Review: Runtastic, the best walking app for weight loss owned by adidas has been called adidas Running since mid. The brand renamed and updated it, keeping all the functions. In the review, we understand who and the adidas Running (Runtastic) app is suitable for what running purposes.

adidas Running App Run Tracker Review

adidas Running (Runtastic) can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. After the first launch, you need to register via Facebook, Google account, or mail, indicate weight and height, select a goal, and immediately you can synchronize the fitness watches of partners – Garmin, Polar, Apple Watch.

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  • License: Free / In-app Products
  • Op. System: Android & iPhone
  • Category: Fitness
  • Author: Adidas Runtastic

About the adidas Running app

adidas Running App

The user will then have an adidas Community account to register with the adidas Training Companion Strength Training Companion app.

You can log in to the website through your account, where the account privacy settings extension is available, export information about activity from there, and upload your own. This is necessary for additional analytics of progress.

The application supports 15 languages, although many adidas Running “tricks,” such as blog articles and audio runs, are only in English.

adidas Running App Run Tracker Price

The app itself and its main features are free, but there is a paid subscription. You can buy a premium account for a month or for a year. This gives you access to all the functions of the application without restrictions. Paid options are marked with a gold circle with a star. Here they are:

  • Inside the run settings, only for the Premium account, there is an “Autopause” available at the Race and the ability to find another user’s route nearby and repeat it.
  • With a paid subscription, you can track heart rate zones, advanced settings for the type of workout, access to all audio runs of Story Run.
  • The free version user will not be able to track records.
  • Some of the running progress analytics are also paid. For example, you can rank the overall dynamics by months, but you will have to pay for analytics by week, year, and all training sessions at once.
  • In the app, there are paid training programs.

To cover all the application features, we will continue to talk about them and how they work with a premium account.

adidas Running – for beginners and intermediate

This application is still one of the most popular in terms of the number of downloads on Google Play or the App Store. The app is loved for its convenience, a pleasant tracker without unnecessary tinsel, and a sense of unity with a large running community.

The aspiring runner gets quality guidance for the first few months of training, satisfying analytics, a decent virtual running companion, support, and motivation from the community. The application can save a beginner from annoying mistakes.

An experienced runner can find a lot of useful things too. For example, programs to prepare for races or races for specific distances, useful blog materials, challenges, information about running clubs.

Adidas Running interface

The application has a horizontal menu with clear controls. The main headings are accessible from the main screen, they are signed, and this is convenient.

When you start the application, the “Training” heading opens. A run or workout of another type is started through it, which can be selected to the right of the “Live Run” button. On the left is a selection of music.

  • In the “Progress” section, you can view analytics and statistics, take part in challenges, find the leaderboard and your place in it, add a goal and indicate your running shoes.
  • In the “News” section – news from the brand, articles from the blog, the ability to create your own post, set up push notifications.
  • Under the heading “Programs” – training programs.
  • In the “Profile” section – account settings, lists of friends, and purchase of a subscription.

Track your run and workout

When you start the application, the start page opens with a button to start the workout.

  • After the start, the countdown will begin. By default, it runs for 15 seconds, and you can immediately add another 10 seconds manually. Or you can reset it by clicking “Start.”
  • In jogging mode, you can see the main parameters – distance, calorie consumption, pace.
  • You can select music, view the track of the route, the list of segments, and the time during which each of them was completed, turn on the coach’s voice, turn on auto-pause. Without auto-pause, the workout is stopped by swiping the corresponding button to the side.
  • After completing a run, you can evaluate the load on a scale of five emoticons – from very sad to joyful; choose a relief, see the maximum and average heart rate, leave a note.
  • You can also take a photo or post about a run; the distance, time, and average pace will appear in the image along with the application watermark.
  • The track of the route looks standard and is drawn with a blue line by default.

Advanced settings for adidas Running tracker

Some of the functions related to jogging are located under the button to the right of the start. And there are quite a few of them.

  • At the top, you can select a sport. Not only running is available, but a huge list of types of training – from standard, like aerobics and strength, to exotic like bobsleigh or fishing.
  • In the Workout View tab, you can choose a target and desired pace, navigate a training program, set an interval workout, or challenge yourself or another participant.
  • One of the most wonderful options is the ability to choose a route, that is, repeat your previous one or run along the track of other runners. The second option helps a lot when ideas run out or if a runner finds himself in an unfamiliar city and does not know where to run.
  • Here you can also enable or disable the integration with the clock.
  • Below, from a large number of options, you can customize the view and orientation of the screen, heart rate monitor and heart rate zones, control auto-pause or countdown, customize the coach’s voice with the frequency of notifications by segments or time. The voice calls distance and pace – and always in English.

To the left of the start is the option to select or disable music.

  • By default, there will be no music, and you can turn on your application. But inside, there are music playlists and pre-made selections from adidas Running. You can go directly to Apple Music or choose a bouncy energy track from the app.
  • There is an outlet for audio runs through music: a kind of podcasts from adidas on an incredibly wide range of topics. Here and jogging with eminent athletes, and running under the story of the forests of Mongolia, and under the story of the oceans ( note – adidas collaborates with Parley, an environmental movement for the protection of the oceans ).

Analytics and statistics

The “Progress” tab contains statistics for all workouts.

  • The first list at the top of the screen collects all workouts in general. If you tap on the workout itself, you can see your average pace, speed, climb, heart rate, and even fluid loss data. You can see your own comments and segments to the right in the heading – time and climb.
  • Below, in the “Progress” tab, in the form of a diagram, there are running statistics by day of the week. Here you can also get a report on the number of workouts, average distance, climb, time, and calories burned for the week, month, year, and the entire period of using the application.
  • The leaderboard among friends is also available right there. The interesting part is the challenges. For example, they were run 10 km in two weeks. By joining it, the runner will participate with tens of thousands of other users of the application, and you can see statistics for individual participants and countries.
  • You can add a target here. This goal for distance, pace, time, or number of repetitions is set for a day, week, month, year, or a specific date.
  • In the “Progress” section, you can choose your pair of sneakers, and the mileage will be calculated for them. The application advises running no more than 500 kilometers in one pair.

Training programs from adidas Running

adidas Running offers four running training programs that you can customize to suit your goals and settings. They will vary in duration and intensity. The set is updated, new challenges appear so that after the end of the program, you can continue to squeeze the maximum out of the application.

  • “Start running” – for beginners who are just starting to run and want to run without a break for at least 30 minutes. Duration – 6 weeks. For those aiming for 50 minutes – 6-10 weeks.
  • “Summer figure” is a program for those who are losing weight and striving for muscle relief.
  • “Lose weight” is an option for those who want to lose weight—duration 6, 8, 10, or 22 weeks.
  • Ready to Race is a program for more experienced runners and preparing them for a 5 or 10 km race, half marathon, or marathon.

Club system

Adidas Running has its own club system, both virtual and offline. Only the brand’s clubs can be found in the app. They are found in dozens of capitals and major cities around the world and located in your profile settings under the group’s tab in the adidas Runners community. There is a club in Russia, in Moscow.

There is also a general adidas Runners Global club with about 4,500 members. Joining any club gives you the opportunity to participate in events – for example, general training. The event description includes the location, time, and date of the event and a description of the nature of the training, such as strength training or jogging.

There is an option to create your own group of friends for the application. This option can also be found in the profile settings. You can invite friends there and create your own events. You can find friends both through the standard search in the application and among your contacts.

Adidas Running integrations

The program integrates with Garmin, Polar, Apple Watch. With the first two, the integration is carried out by synchronization – that is, you can leave the phone at home, start a workout on the watch and then transfer it from the device to the phone. But in this case, there will be no audio prompts and coach comments.

The most organic integration is perhaps with the Apple Watch. Apple Watch owners can switch to workout mode in Settings or via the watch companion app. There will be no trainer comments again, and the number of types of workouts will be limited to running, walking, cycling, hiking, mountain and road bicycles, an exercise bike, and a treadmill.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The strength of the adidas Running app is in the ability to customize your running tracking.
  • Voice messages from the trainer give a detailed report on the progress of the workout in real-time – this is a very handy reference point, especially when there is no fitness watch.
  • A nice bonus is audio jogging.
  • The information support of adidas Running is wide – there are also useful articles about preparation, which are not lost in the feed among friends’ workouts; and challenges, in which tens of thousands of users participate at the same time as the runner; and the possibility of joining a real running club.


  • A serious drawback is the paid subscription, without which almost all the best features of the application are closed. Access to many seemingly small but necessary functions, training programs, to detailed statistics is closed.
  • Possible disadvantages – deep integration with only one of the types of devices, with Apple Watch, and a meager set of partners; a lot of English.
  • An important aspect is that there are no advanced statistics and progress analytics, although it may not really be needed if there is a training program from the application.
  • Overall, the analytics at adidas Running is good. You can view the weekly (by subscription) or monthly mileage, which is usually taken into account in the preparation. But since the program mostly shows averages, other benchmarks will be needed.

In general, adidas Running is another solo running companion app especially useful for beginners. And it plays this role perfectly.

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