Apple Fitness+ App Review

Apple Fitness+ App Review: Apple Watch has helped people to be more active (with their activity rings). At its launch on September 15, 2020, Apple introduced the new Fitness+ fitness app that motivates users to exercise even more.

Apple Fitness+

One of the most popular Apple Watch apps is Workout. With powerful algorithms, it accurately tracks your performance across all types of workouts. And Apple decided to make workouts with smartwatches even more convenient and created great video workouts with music, which trainers from all over the world teach.

Apple Fitness+ App Review

Meet the first fitness service for the Apple Watch, Apple Fitness +, to keep you fit.

  • All of your metrics are visible on Apple Watch (and the big screen) while you work out online: heart rate, calories burned, pace, and distance traveled.
  • 10 types of workouts.
  • Cool trainers.
  • The best music from Apple Music is specially tailored for each type of workout.
  • New workouts every week.
  • There is a mode for beginners where basic movements are practiced.

Simply select a workout from the video catalog on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. When you play the video, the desired workout is automatically activated in the Workout app on your watch.

The app sends real-time metrics directly to the screen you’re watching the video. So with all the data on your wrist and on the screen in front of you, your metrics come to life and motivate you.

For example, when a coach asks you to check your heart rate, these numbers become larger on the screen to make them easier to see.

When you complete a difficult interval, you see a countdown, motivating you not to relax until the last second.

Your activity rings are also on the screen, and you can see how the workout helps you close the rings that day. And if you close one of the rings on the screen during training, then do not miss the congratulations. You will see it in real-time right on the screen.

At the end of your workout, you will receive a complete report. All data from the sensors of your watch will appear on the screen: calories burned, average heart rate, distance traveled, pace, even the state of your Activity rings.

Fitness + is loaded with the most popular workouts, and everyone can find something for themselves: Yoga, cycling, dancing, treadmill walking and running, strength training, core, high-intensity interval training, rowing, and even relaxation training are all options.

You can train with any manufacturer’s equipment, and many workouts only require dumbbells or nothing at all. You can exercise wherever you like: at home, in the gym, outdoors, or on the go.

New workouts with different instructors await you every week. Classes are always accompanied by music from new hits and hip-hop to Latin and country music. And if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can save your Fitness + playlists and listen to them on Apple Music anytime you want.

If you are new to fitness or haven’t exercised in a while, there is a beginner program. This program will help you get started and learn the basics of movement and fitness to begin your basic workouts safely.

All workouts are in the Fitness app on your iPhone, right in the center tab. You can also access them from the new Fitness app on iPad and Apple TV.

To quickly jump to the next suitable workout, use our personalized recommendations. Smart hints make it easier for you to find new workouts and trainers. All of your workout data is not stored with your Apple ID – this is Apple’s privacy policy.

Subscription price

Subscription price – $ 10 / month or $ 80 for a year. Your family members can use the service at no additional cost.

The Fitness + service is still available only in the USA and Europe. By the end of the year, we expect to appear in Russia and the CIS countries. When you buy a new Apple Watch 6, you are given 3 months of free subscription to the service.

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