Top Best Apps for Athletes: Most people know exercise is good for their health, but few follow the recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week. You can use phone apps, fitness trackers, or social media to make exercise more fun in today’s world. Most importantly, research shows that there is a relationship between the use of exercise apps and increased activity in people in different countries. Today, we analyze convenient Best Apps for Athletes and how they can affect our activity.

What is the best workout app for athletes?

Unlike pedometers and other earlier step and motion tracking devices, modern smartphones, smartwatches, and fitness bracelets record activity more easily and accurately. And new apps offer more personalized features and other ways to “reward” people, such as text messaging with other users.

What does the athletic app do?

With The Athletic app, you can get all the sports stories that matter, from breaking news and expert commentary on developing topics to in-depth analysis and exclusive articles. Exclusive articles, podcasts, newsletters, live Q&As, and more will let you catch up, dive deeper, and join the debate.

What workouts are good for athletes?

The Best Exercises for Athletes

  • Power Cleans. Many athletes are always looking for ways to become more explosive on the field. 
  • Landmines. Another great exercise for any athlete is landmines. 
  • Box Jumps. 
  • Bench Press. 
  • Squats. 
  • Burpee.  
  • Deadlifts. 
  • Lunges.

1. Nike Training Club


  • Price: free
  • Available ForAndroidiOS

This app from a well-known sports brand has over 10 million downloads in the Play Market and a 4.9 out of 5 rating in the App Store. In Russia, it has received the highest rating of LUXURY, and it is completely free. The program includes about 180 workouts in different directions:

  • Power Training;
  • Cardio Training;
  • Endurance Training;
  • Yoga.

Also, depending on the level of training, each athlete can choose for himself the level of intensity he needs. You can choose the option of training in the gym or at home, with essential equipment (rope, dumbbells, barbell) or without it at all. There is an opportunity to practice according to training plans developed for famous athletes. For example, there are training sessions for Cristiano Ronaldo and tennis player Serena Williams.

The App for Athletes does not ask you to make in-app purchases, and some workouts can be saved in the phone’s memory and turned on even when there is no Internet connection. The exercises and exercises themselves are accompanied by a video sequence and an audio track in order to perform them as efficiently and correctly as possible.

The disadvantages include the App for Athletes requirement for authorization, the inability to create your own workouts, a heavy load on the smartphone’s battery, and the lack of a version for the iPad.

2. adidas Training – Home Workout

  • Price: Free (there are additional paid products)
  • Available ForAndroidiOS

The application from the German company also has more than 10 million downloads in the Play Market, and the rating in the App Store is 4.8 out of 5. In the program, the user can create his own workout in the constructor; for example, set the time that an athlete is ready to spend on a lesson and which parts of the body he wants to train.

Also, in the application, there are various exercise programs:

  • To Gain Weight;
  • For Stretching;
  • To Burn Fat;
  • To Strengthen Muscles;
  • To Create a Flat Belly.

Adidas Training also has media support for exercise and can optionally be displayed on a large TV screen via an Apple TV or iPad. Like many other Best Apps for Athletes, the program requires authorization at the first login: the gender and age of the athlete, weight, and training goal. Also, there is a mode of advice on nutrition and other things in the program.

The application allows you to practice and use it without a subscription since after a free registration, dozens of standard workouts, exercises will be opened, and all functionality will be unlocked. To purchase additional workouts, premium features, the company offers a price for an annual subscription.

The disadvantages of the application are: insufficient quality media support, incompletely Russified training support, and the presence of a paid subscription.

3. Workout Trainer: fitness coach

  • Price: Free (there are additional paid products)
  • Available ForAndroidiOS

RICH has praised this app in 2018. The Workout Trainer received a high score for a high-quality scientific approach to information and an excellent selection of workouts. However, all information in it is in English. But if you have at least basic knowledge of a foreign language, this will not be an obstacle.

There are many exercises and workouts in the app without sports equipment which are great for home activities. Also, the programs are divided according to the level of training of athletes, and you can find training for both a beginner athlete and an amateur of high-intensity CrossFit exercise.

The main advantages of the program include:

  • Google Fit Support;
  • The Ability to Create a Profile for a Certified Trainer;
  • High-quality Audio and Video Support;
  • The Ability to Load Some Workouts Into the Smartphone’s Memory;
  • Creating Your Own Workout;
  • The Presence of an Application Widget.

The disadvantages of the application users include mandatory authorization at the entrance, the absence of the Russian language, and a complex interface. Like Adidas Training, Workout Trainer has a paid subscription for annual use.

4. Seven – 7 Minute Workout

  • Price: Free (there are additional paid products)
  • Available ForAndroidiOS

This fitness app has more than 5 million downloads in the Play Market, and the rating in the App Store is 4.7 out of 5. Its main difference from others is the format, which involves playing sports only for 7 minutes a day. According to the program’s creators, all workouts of the service are made on a scientific basis and provide maximum efficiency for the body. There are also no CrossFit or specific muscle group workouts in the app.

Over 200 exercises in Seven are divided by difficulty level and with additional video support. The service selects a system of classes for the user for the next 7 days in various categories:

  • General Training;
  • Dynamic Training;
  • Stretching Exercises;
  • Unloading Exercises.

The developers declare that the program is suitable for people with a busy schedule and for those who are just starting to bring sports into their lives. The advantages of the service also include a simple and intuitive interface and the ability to conduct training with users around the world.

The disadvantages of the application include a paid subscription, a small number of free workouts, and errors in the design of the interface.

5. Unagrande Yoga Club – online yoga videos

  • Price: Free (there are additional paid products)
  • Available ForAndroidiOS

“Yoga Club” is an app for beginners in yoga and more advanced yogis. Rating in the Play Market 4.5 out of 5. The program includes:

  • The necessary video lessons.
  • Instructions.
  • Information on meditation techniques and training for general physical health maintenance.

The app also contains:

  • A large number of detailed videos on yoga;
  • 350 different yoga workouts;
  • Description of meditation techniques;
  • About 300 yoga poses and exercises;
  • Practice according to the schemes in the appendix.

The service has a convenient interface and a quality description of how certain practices affect the body. It is possible to connect accompanying music or sounds with a recording of natural phenomena, such as the surf or the noise of the forest.

The disadvantages of the application are pop-up ads and paid subscriptions. There is a subscription option for a year.

6. GymUp PRO – workout notebook

  • Cost: Free
  • Available ForAndroid

The rating of the program in the Play Market is 4.8, and more than 500 thousand downloads. This is an application for more advanced athletes to monitor the statistics of training in the fitness room and help in training. The service has a large list of exercises for various muscle groups and a wide training base.

Users consider the advantages of the application:

  • Recording training results;
  • Reference book of training programs;
  • Exercise guide;
  • Compilation of personal training;
  • Body parameters recording;
  • Sports calculator;
  • Use without registration.

Users consider the disadvantages of the application: insufficiently high-quality demonstration of exercises, lack of video and audio accompaniment (only pictures).

7. Apple Fitness +

  • Cost: $ 9.99 per month
  • Available ForiOS

Another fitness application service has been operating since 2014, but it became available only from the end of September. Therefore, for now, domestic users will only have to evaluate the quality of the program. It will be available to owners of the Apple Watch 3 and above.

There are 11 types of sports training in the application:

  • Strength and interval training;
  • Walking and jogging on the track;
  • A ride on the bicycle;
  • Dam;
  • Yoga and pilates;
  • Workout for the muscles of the body;
  • Dancing and recovery after class.

According to Apple, users will soon be able to take part in group classes thanks to the Share Play feature, which can bring up to 32 people in one group. And although the training will be in English, the company promises to accompany them with subtitles and select classes for the user, taking into account the level of training.

Suppose the user has already used the Health application before, the first time the service is turned on. In that case, it will analyze past workouts and offer two options for the development of further activity – habitual exercises or something new. Over time, the service will start recommending other workouts based on the person’s preference.

In Fitness+, there is an opportunity to select classes with a trainer for mastering the exercises and performing well. The collection should be updated and replenished every week. According to the company, this creates additional motivation. Also, there is a section “Meditation” in the application, which contains various videos with mentors and the necessary music.

The users consider the disadvantages of the service: only Apple users work with Apple Watch. The app also has a paid subscription, which costs $ 9.99 per month or $ 79.99 per year.


While some studies show a positive effect of Apps for Athletes on a person’s daily activity, their main goal is to keep people motivated to exercise. Fitness trainers recommend using them to ensure that the activity is daily and effective. Also, when they are synchronized with other devices, such as fitness trackers or smartwatches, each owner has the opportunity to record their performance and track the results to maintain motivation for the future.