9 Best Running Apps for Beginners Weight Loss of 2022

Best running apps for beginners: It turns out that now you can run away from zombies, speed up or slow down your favorite track with your running speed, or convert the kilometers traveled into money for charity. Interesting? Then read, choose and download mobile apps for running!

List of Best Running Apps for Beginners Weight Loss

Visible results are needed to stay motivated in any endeavor. In weight loss – numbers on the scales, in running – distance and pace. And the best motivator is the support of friends and like-minded people. All of this can be obtained in sports apps. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy an expensive sports watch with GPS, and it is enough to take your smartphone with the installed sports application for training.

Why You Need Running Apps for Your Smartphone

  1. Convenient workout diary keeping track of pace, distance, calories, cadence, and other indicators.
  2. Additional motivation and training plans.
  3. The social network for communication with like-minded people.
  4. Search for new routes for sports.

9 Best Running Apps for Beginners

The article has collected the best running apps for beginners for iOS or Android that will take into account all the training metrics, share them with friends, and compare achievements with runners anywhere in the world.

Best Running Apps for Beginners

1. Runkeeper – Run and Mile Tracker

  • Size: Varies with device
  • In-app Products: $0.99 – $39.99 per item
  • Offered By: ASICS Digital, Inc.

This application is distinguished by the presence of its own social network, the audience of which is scattered around the world and has more than 30 million people. And these are not just people – they are all potential like-minded people. And running together inspires, isn’t it? Moreover, at the end of the run, you can take a photo indicating the distance traveled and share your achievements thanks to the integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Created in collaboration with Asics. The paid version has ready-made workout plans for different purposes, developed by experts from Asics. In the free version, you can create training plans manually.

In terms of functions, it is not inferior to Strava: a large selection of sports, accounting for all training indicators, synchronization with services, social functions. It is possible to connect heart rate sensors via Bluetooth smart.

The application is free to download, but there is a paid section for those who wish, including a set of professional trainers’ masterclasses. Runkeeper has all the standard functions: measuring the speed of movement, the duration of the run, and the number of kilometers traveled. On the Tools in English.

2. Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

  • Size: Varies with device
  • In-app Products: $2.99 – $60.00 per item
  • Offered By: Strava Inc.

One of the most popular sports apps in the world. This application has one feature that others do not have – it is a “security cloud.” It consists of the following: as a rule, we run by running the program. After completing a workout, the run route remains in the account’s memory, and other users can easily view the starting point, which is not always safe. Using the “security cloud” function, you hide the area of ​​residence, and no one will know where you live.

The most popular app for walking, runners, cyclists, triathletes, and skiers. An extensive social network for cyclic sports and millions of users around the world. The application has many possibilities:

  • Track distance, pace, speed, climb, and calories
  • Comparison of the results of individual sections on the map
  • Subscription to friends, likes, and comments, the ability to upload photos and view training statistics from friends
  • Synchronizes with most sports watches and cycling computers (Polar, Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto, Amazfit, etc.)
  • Ability to connect heart rate sensors via Bluetooth smart

Strava is great for Instagram lovers, as it uses a bundle of accounts with it, which is very convenient. In the application, you can set a goal for yourself, such as running a half marathon or marathon or setting the number of kilometers until the end of the year. You can also add a model of your sneakers and thus track their “mileage.”

In the app, you can establish contact with your heart rate monitor and display statistics at the end of your run.

3. Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker

  • Size: 71M
  • In-app Products: Free
  • Offered By: Charity Miles

Perhaps the kindest and most useful running app. It doesn’t just display general training information, and it does much more. Each kilometer traveled is converted into 25 cents in donations.

The purpose and the fund are selected in the menu independently, and there are about 30 of them. Already 11 million users are registered in this application. Why don’t you start running with meaning too?

4. Zombies, Run!

  • Size: Varies with device
  • In-app Products:$0.99 – $89.99 per item
  • Offered By: Six to Start

The most atmospheric app that immerses you in an immersive storyline while jogging. And the usual running turns into a survival mission. Thanks to the realistic sound design, the feeling is created that the monsters are about to step on their heels and to prevent this from happening, you need to listen carefully to the prompts.

This is where the difficulty arises for those who do not know English. But for many, this is a chance to improve their English right on the run. All standard statistics are displayed at the end of the run.

5. TrailMix Pro: Step to the Beat

  • Size: 20.8 MB (iPhone)
  • In-app Products: $11.99
  • Offered By: Resonant Technologies, LLC

Another non-trivial application. This is a unique player that adjusts the tempo of the composition to the speed of running or walking. This running app for weight loss does not give a lot of statistics because its main function is motivation.

You hardly want to listen to your favorite song, slowed down by half, but to listen to the original, and you have to speed up!

6. Runtastic – adidas Running App Run Tracker

  • Size: Varies with device
  • In-app Products: $0.10 – $59.99 per item
  • Offered By: Adidas Runtastic

Former Runtastic, Despite the name, it’s not just for running. The application is free, and there are paid features by subscription. The functions are similar to the other apps in this article.

It’s not just a mobile running app but a huge health and fitness community. All Runtastic applications can be found on the official website. Now let’s talk about the Runtastic running app.

There are unique features here, such as scripted jogging. Choose from several stories with built-in special effects and professional voice acting – choose one of them and go! It is also a great opportunity to improve your English.

Of course, as in other Best running apps for beginners, it has all the basic functions for tracking activity and progress. Moreover, the program has ready-made routes: indicate your region and type of activity, and you will see several options for distances. Select one and follow the prompts on the navigator. Very comfortably!

For those wishing to study according to the plan, there is a corresponding section here. You can choose any goal you like and get a workout plan with a schedule and detailed instructions. For example, you are preparing for a marathon. And if you’re a beginner, there is a plan to start running non-stop for 50 minutes in 6-10 weeks. In rehydrating, communicating, use, perhaps, Runtastic will be for you one of the favorite best running apps for beginners.

The main difference is the optimization with Android Wear. It is possible to connect heart rate sensors via Bluetooth smart.

7. Nike + Run Club

  • Size: Varies with device.
  • In-app Products: Free/In-app purchase.
  • Offered By: Nike, Inc.

This app is a social network for joggers and a training system. As in the social networks we are used to, there is a news feed where you can track other members’ posts. Check and add friends who are also running. The Challenges function allows you to set goals and objectives and challenge your friends by inviting them to compete for medals.

It motivates you to train harder and achieve new results! The app will notify you every time one of your friends goes for a run or challenges you. The Nike + Run Club app allows you to tailor your workout based on your fitness level.

8. MapMyFitness –  Workout Trainer

  • Size: 68M
  • In-app Products: $5.99 – $29.99 per item
  • Offered By: MapMyFitness, Inc.

The app tracks mileage, workout duration, calories burned, average speed, and other parameters. Workout results can be shared on social networks. In the application itself, you will have access to a feed where you can share your achievements with other users.

Endomondo is fully compatible with ANT speed, respiration, and heart rate sensors. Otherwise, this is a fairly standard running app and is ideal for those who do not like it too much.

9. Map My Run

  • Size: 71M
  • In-app Products: $5.99 – $29.99 per item
  • Offered By: MapMyFitness, Inc.

A platform for joggers and professional athletes. When registering, you need to specify your parameters and select the type of preferred activity. The application has a built-in exercise log; filling it regularly, you can calculate the daily calorie intake.

According to the program, those wishing to study and prepare for a marathon or half marathon must purchase the premium version. This application is more suitable for those who like to keep a diary, accurately enter all the data, and track their progress.

How to sync Strava, Garmin, Polar, Runkeeper, and more

Sometimes several people in a company use different applications. To make it convenient to keep track of each other, use service synchronization. This can be solved in two ways:

  1. Configure chain synchronization: For example, Polar to Strava, Strava to Runkeeper, etc. Provided that this is possible in the applications themselves.
  2. Use tapiriik service: The service costs only $ 2 per year. In return, you get automatic synchronization of Garmin, Runkeeper, Strava, Polar, and other applications. Training is dropped into the Dropbox cloud, from where it can be pulled up to other systems.


In general, applications have approximately the same functionality. All of them are shareware – there is a set of standard features, and additional chips cost money. Most users have enough free functionality, but it all depends on your requirements, the degree of interest in statistics, and taking into account all the data.

The disadvantages of the applications are also common: some users complain about inaccurate GPS, decrease or increase in the distance traveled. This is not only due to the application. Check if the phone settings are correct (for example, power-saving modes), there may be a poor connection with satellites due to terrain or interference.

There are many more running apps than we’ve covered. The article has selected the most popular and stable ones. Try programs from our selection and choose which one you like best.

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