7 Best Running Apps for Treadmill of 2022

Best Running Apps for Treadmill: In this article, we show you the list of the best applications for the treadmill and a complete analysis of each of them.

Sports applications can become the best complement to doing sports at home. We offer you a guide with the Best Running Apps for Treadmill for running at home and, as a bonus, an application that you can find embedded in some of the treadmills on the market.

Best Running Apps for Treadmill

Best Running Apps for Treadmill

Thanks to these Best Running Apps for Treadmill, you will be able to improve your life habits, taking care of your body in an easy and efficient way.

1. Runtastic App: Virtual Trainer for Treadmills

Runtastic is one of the best applications not only for running but also for sports in general. It has the mode of running on a treadmill, which makes it the best app for tracking indoor running for doing sports at home.

This virtual personal trainer will motivate you to reach the goals you set for yourself and share your achievements and training on social networks. In addition to monitoring the most common parameters when running, you can make an interval training table, programming a specific pace and speed. In addition, you won’t have to worry when you decide to take a break since it has a system that pauses when it detects that you have stopped training.

Runtastic is a virtual personal trainer that will help you achieve your goals. Capable of detecting your breaks in addition to monitoring the usual parameters, it allows you to create personalized training plans. In addition, the application has become an online fitness community where runners share their experiences, routes and advice.

The application is free, although it has a paid version that has many more options. When it comes to running at home, the highlights are the training plans divided by levels. From losing weight to preparing for a marathon, everything is possible with Runtastic and your treadmill.

2. MapMyFitness App: Your Pocket Personal Trainer

Runtastic was the pioneer and leading app in the sports industry, but MapMyFitness has become perhaps the most popular app. It is completely free for both Android and iPhone. In addition, it is also compatible (free) with other less-common operating systems such as Sumbian, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Many users have the possibility to use this app and easily share the results of their training on social networks.

It has a wide variety of activities, including running on a treadmill and walking on a treadmill. It is very easy to control our training at home with this application. Some of the features they offer are shared by your running machine, such as the distance meter or the pace at which you are running, among many others, and it has others, such as calories consumed and altimetry not so common in all treadmills to run.

As a particularity, it has a virtual prize system that will help you to be motivated to run at home. You can create your own challenges, talk to other members of the community, add and tag photos, and check your stats to see if you’re on the right track.

3. Runkeeper – Running Tracker App

More than an application, it has already become a social network specialized in runners with a large community that shares advice and exercises, which allows you to adhere to specific exercise plans with specific objectives such as losing calories or gaining muscle.

It has a virtual trainer that provides you with instructions and gives you audio prompts.

4. MapMyRun App: Race Tracking

MapMyRun is perhaps the least known of the applications that we show you. Its use has grown in recent years, and we are interested because running on a treadmill is included in the activities.

MapMyRun is free and compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phones. It has a score of 4.5 in the app store.

MapMyRun will allow you to get the most out of your treadmill by setting your goals and quantifying your workouts. Also, it has a system of challenges or Challenges that you can fulfill on your treadmill.

It also has a diet monitoring, with a food diary and a quantification of calorie intake. If you combine treadmill training with outdoor running, MapMyRun allows you to create your own training routes that you can then imitate at home.

This application is not so focused on social networks and the creation of a community, although you can synchronize it with Facebook and Twitter to share your training statistics. Despite not having a large community behind it, many people see it as an advantage since you ensure that your privacy is safe.

5. IFit App: At Home Fitness Coach Treadmill Training

Today everything is connected; it is what we know as the Internet of things, from household appliances to the car and machines for sports at home, could not be less.

The best treadmills on the market have an iFit system that allows us to have the features offered by applications directly on our treadmill.

The monitor becomes a television, emulating the environment where we are running. Although the treadmill does not move from your living room, you can select different scenarios and routes where you can exercise.

Also, it is possible to follow the classes and routines of professional monitors without the need for other applications. In addition, the treadmill adapts directly to the stipulated training, without the need, for example, for you to manually vary the inclination during the exercise.

In the following video, you can see examples of training with which to use your treadmill to walk through Machu Pichu or run through Florence.

We leave you the link to the iFit page so you can learn more about this application.

6. Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running is one of the most complete applications and with the most attachment by runners. In addition to having a careful design and being easy to use, it allows both beginners and veterans to maintain motivation when performing their exercises on the treadmill since if you need an extra dose of motivation, you only have to select the option “ PowerSong” and keep running!

7. Adidas miCoach – Real Time Coaching & Training Plans

It is especially useful for runners who want to prepare on the treadmill for a race or a marathon, improve technique or prolong endurance.


When the training is being carried out, the virtual trainer indicates if the intensity of the exercise is adequate, if it should be increased or decreased, according to the proposed goals, all by voice, so that you do not have to stop. It also has predefined training plans based on cardiovascular, progressive, strength or flexibility objectives.


Once you have seen the Best Running Apps for treadmills, we recommend that you read the following article to discover which are the best treadmills on the market.

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