The best running app for android wear, watch for free: Today the phone is an inseparable companion when going for a run. Smartphones have become widespread; they are part of almost every moment of our day-to-day life and are now almost indispensable for many tasks.

Top 10 Best Running App for Android

As training assistants, they represent a revolution, they allow us to know our route, partials, and endless variables, but also, they can help us manage our training plan; some apps even provide us with one.

Best Running App for Android

If you are fond of running, pay attention to the ones that we propose:

1. RUNTASTIC – adidas Running App Run Tracker

  • Ratings: 4.5
  • Size: Varies with device
  • In-app Products: $0.10 – $59.99 per item

Runtastic is one of the most downloaded Best Running App for Android. We start the list with one of the complete applications for any broker. Runtastic can accompany you to run, jog, cycle or walk and record the progress of your activities with its statistics of time, distance, elevation change, and calories, among other variables.

Its functions place it as one of the favorite running apps on Google Play, with more than 10 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating. However, its true potential is the paid features within the application so that free users could be limited.

Runkeeper offers complete statistics.

Application for lovers of hiking, cycling, or going for a run. The phone’s GPS tracks the routes traveled while the application records physical activity, calories burned, and training progress.

2. Half Marathon Training Coach

Another application from Fitness 22, but no longer translated into Russian. It is designed to prepare for the 21 km half marathon. The app is designed for an intermediate level minimum since each running workout in it lasts at least 45 minutes.

  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Size: Varies with device
  • In-app Products: $3.99 – $6.99 per item

The app is composed of consistent workouts every day for 12 weeks. The training plan is based on the previous 10K application and allows you to develop the skill to run 10 km more. An audio trainer will help you reach your goal much faster, and the ability to listen to music while running will keep you from getting bored.

Users like the app, but many note the lack of support for the Russian language. Also, not all workouts are available in the free version, but they can be repeated in any order.

Features of the app:

  • Nice design and intuitive interface.
  • Specialized programs to prepare for the half marathon.
  • Repetition of workouts in any order.
  • Training history with detailed statistics.
  • Ready-made fitness workouts to improve the quality of the body.

3. Nike Run Club – Running Coach

  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Size: Varies with device
  • In-app Products: FREE / Paid

Nike + Running offers very accurate tracking technology. Sportswear and shoe companies go tech. Nike launched its Nike + application in 2010, which is currently a very useful platform for athletes who enjoy going for a run with their smartphones.

Nike + Running features include MotionX, a technology that combines GPS with the phone’s accelerometer to provide more accurate tracking of time, distance, and pace of activities. It also integrates an audio player with a very neat interface, and the application can create a ranking to compete with other friends.

4. Stopwatch Run Tracker – Running, Jogging, Cycling

The best running stopwatch app: The key function of this Android running app is to keep track of the time and distance while running or cycling.

  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Size: 6.5M
  • In-app Products: $1.49 – $7.99 per item

The design matches – you will not see anything on the screen except the timer, which is started by the standard Play button at the bottom of the screen. But in addition to the timer, there are other useful functions, such as determining the route and running speed, counting steps and calories burned, and saving training results in history with detailed statistics. In addition, the app can be paired with a fitness bracelet to track your heart rate.

According to reviews, the application is convenient and useful, and it allows you to compose interval workouts and plan them in the calendar. On the negative side: the application can be activated in a calm position, but when running, it quite accurately counts the distance, steps, and speed.

Features of the app:

  • Track distance, running speed, steps, and calories.
  • Detailed workout statistics.
  • Training history and planning schedule.
  • Integration of smart devices.
  • Advanced stopwatch functions.

5. Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

Best running & walking apps for weight loss competition app. One of the best running apps for android that have been losing popularity lately due to the emergence of numerous competitors.

  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Size: Varies with device
  • In-app Products: $2.99 – $60.00 per item

But still, Strava has a lot of advantages that are worth downloading the apps. First of all, simplicity and ease of use. Just press the Record button to start tracking your workout if you are a beginner. Training is saved in history, where you can see detailed statistics, including the route and additional useful functions: recommendations, tasks, and clubs. Recommendations show where racing, or cycling events are taking place nearby. Tasks are analogous to challenges, and clubs help to find communities of interest.

The application is popular among users, despite the fact that comments began to appear about the GPS malfunctioning and inaccurate determination of the running pace after the latest updates.

Features of the app:

  • Track the route and physical performance of the workout.
  • Detailed statistics of each race with the ability to add a photo and description.
  • The ability to compete with the users of your city.
  • Recommendations for the best routes and challenges.
  • Timeline.

Its users highly rate Strava due to its accuracy.

We close the list with Strava, one of the most recommended and complete running apps. What makes it good is its well-kept interface and its exact measurement of the routes taken, distance, pace, speed, altitude, and calories.

On Strava, it is possible to participate in monthly challenges, compete against friends, local users, and professionals near your location, and share activities on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Its premium version considerably improves its usefulness, although it is a bit expensive.

6. My Tracks

My Tracks is an application that complements Google services.

An application developed by Google. Combine Google maps to trace routes when jogging or biking and measure speed, distance, and elevation of the location.

It is a simple application when compared to others on Google Play, and its design is outdated with the Material Design lines. Still, My Tracks is a useful app considering that the exercise statistics can be exported to Google Drive as a document from Google Spreadsheets or Excel.

7. PUMATRAC Home Workouts, Training, Running, Fitness

The best app for those who combine Running and fitness. Stylish mobile app for Running and fitness from PUMA. In addition to running, you can train here according to other programs from different trainers, brand ambassadors.

  • Ratings: 4.6
  • Size: Varies with device
  • In-app Products: Free & Paid

Many free workouts of varying difficulty make the application useful and attractive for everyone who works out at home. There is a handy tracker for running that tracks your route, mileage, rhythm, and calories burned. The data is saved in the training history, where you can view their statistics. The application accurately determines the route, and you can turn on sound prompts while running.

The majority of users are delighted with the app, although they do not use it exclusively for running, but love it for the many interesting workouts available in video format.

Features of the app:

  • Stylish design.
  • Convenient running tracker with route tracking.
  • Visual history and training statistics.
  • Free personalized fitness workouts from professionals.
  • Support for music applications.
  • International community.

Pumatrac adds the weather as a factor to analyze during your exercise.

Pumatrac relies on a modern design and extra information to differentiate itself from its competitors to close the trilogy of running applications designed by sports brands. The information tracks your sports activities like all the others. Still, it also adds information about the weather and the music you listen to, and how they influence your exercise performance.

Its integration with GPS allows to show the best routes to run according to your city or the place where you are, and at the end of each training, Pumatrac will create the statistics of your marker, distance, physical condition, and the state of the weather, to inform precisely of all your activity. Pumatrac has integration with Pebble smartwatches.

8. Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Android’s answer to the iOS HealthKit is Google Fit, an app for measuring sports activities like walking, running, or cycling. The application proposes a clean design that shows statistics of the exercises and the calories burned.

  • Ratings: 3.9
  • Size: Varies with device
  • In-app Products: Free

Google Fit can connect with other apps and is compatible with Android Wear. In contrast, many users report that their monitoring is imprecise in some situations and when measuring calories.

That is probably due to its recent launch compared to other applications, but you can try it and decide if it convinces you as an application to go running.

9. Map My Run by Under Armour

The most functional application. A popular Android is running app based on another called Endomondo, which will expire on December 31, 2020.

  • Ratings: 4.6
  • Size: 71M
  • In-app Products: Free / $5.99 – $29.99 per item

For this reason, there are a lot of negative reviews under the application, which does not affect its performance in any way. MapMyRun is a handy running app that accurately reads your route and tracks your physical metrics: average, calories, lift. Also, in statistics, you can track the pace by segments and see the route. You can also create training plans, set goals, join the community, participate in challenges and compete with friends.

Users who are accustomed to Endomondo do not like the new MapMyRun format, but everyone else notes the convenience and versatility of the application. Here you can create routes and run custom ones, document workouts, train with ready-made programs, connect power apps, and much more.

Features of the app:

  • Track, create, and download running routes.
  • Detailed statistics and training history.
  • Create training plans and goals.
  • Participation in challenges.
  • Integration of third-party apps and fitness devices.
  • Brand community.

10. Runkeeper – Run and Mile Tracker

The best app for regular jogging. The proprietary running app from ASICS is losing popularity today due to shortcomings in the latest updates.

  • Ratings: 4.3
  • Size: 71M
  • In-app Products: $0.99 – $39.99 per item

But despite the negative reviews, the app accurately determines the route and tracks physical indicators. Here, you can choose running and other cardio workouts: walking, cycling, skating, snowboarding, and much more. The application saves training results in statistics, where there are useful analytics blocks and achievement results. Among the useful functions: integration of music applications and a corporate community where you can follow your friends’ progress.

Users note the convenient RunKeeper format, but many are unhappy with the new updates. In general, the application works well, has broad functionality, and is suitable for regular use.

Features of the app:

  • Track your route, pace, and running speed.
  • Visual training statistics.
  • Setting goals, participating in challenges and races.
  • GPS and stopwatch mode.
  • Integration of music applications.
  • Brand community.

Important Points to Remember: Good Running Tips

To benefit from running, you need to follow the recommendations that will make the result of your workouts visible and tangible.

Food before running

It is not recommended to start a workout on a full stomach – at least 1.5-2 hours should pass after eating. You can eat a banana, yogurt, nuts, or an apple 30 minutes before your workout.


After a workout, don’t skip a protein shake to get the nutrients your body needs.

Equipment is needed to run comfortably

For a full-fledged workout, get running shoes that will cushion and reduce stress on the foot, breathable things for the warm season. In winter, you need not be very warm, but tight-fitting clothes should be of two layers.

Avoid overtraining

An increase in training disproportionately to the forces is accompanied by sleep and appetite disturbances, increased heart rate with more than 75 beats per minute, and joint pain. If these signs are present, it is better to give the body a rest from training for 3-4 days.

Monitor your pulse

If you notice that its frequency during a run is unnecessarily increased, it is better to contact a sports cardiologist.

Maintain a safe pace while exercising

If you can talk or breathe through your nose while you run, your heart rate zones are safe for your health.

Lack of pain is a good sign

Many people are used to thinking that any physical activity is necessarily accompanied by muscle pain. In fact, the absence of pain means that you have chosen a normal load for your body while running.

Running for weight loss

Some doctors and scientists deny the effect of just one workout on weight but advocate an integrated approach. Simply put, in order to lose weight, there must be an imbalance in calories: losing more of them than you gain. And this is influenced not only by training but also by what and how much we eat. However, if you are overweight, jogging or Nordic walking can really help kickstart your weight loss process.

The age of the runner

It is optimal for children to start training at the age of 14-15, and adults can run at least all their lives, choosing the right intensity and watching how the body responds to the load.

Running is, in any case, a noble and useful business. And it is certainly capable of bringing more benefit than harm, or when, in principle, it is absent in a person’s life. Invest in your health – and running helps you do it with minimal cost.

What Is Your Favorite Running App?

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