Top Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone: Now that the January slope is coming to an end, it may be a good time to start carrying out all those New Year’s resolutions that – admit it – you’ve probably already forgotten. One of the objectives or challenges that, year after year, tops the list of people around the world is to get in shape. And luckily, thanks to the help that technology gives us, it is easier than ever.

There is no easy time to lose weight; things are likely to be difficult whenever you start. Fortunately, there are now a host of apps that can help dieters lose weight by guiding and encouraging them toward healthier behavior patterns.

Losing weight is one of the most complicated tasks for the human body’s mechanism. Not losing weight can be quite frustrating for many people who tend to have a few extra kilos, which is why we will indicate and explain the best weight loss apps to lose weight; High-caliber and quite functional tools for Android and iOS smartphones.

Before mentioning these interfaces, it is important to emphasize that the mechanism of each individual is totally different from that of the others.

List of top Best Weight Loss Apps for Android & iPhone

This reason explains the level of complexity to lose weight; It all depends on your metabolism, hormones, health status, calories consumed daily, and, of course, your attitude to seek and obtain the expected results.

Best Weight Loss Apps

These apps suggest diets, exercises, habits, and professionalism, and vocation; since the results are derived from there. With them, it is sought to strengthen our body and deeply care about our health. Apps on mobile devices can be very useful when carrying out productive activities such as exercising, which is why you will have extra help and advice at your fingertips.

Get in shape with your mobile: the best apps to lose weight

Through the following paragraphs, you will be able to visualize the best apps to lose weight without any problem, taking into account the previous parameters, performance, and initiative.

With them, you can add new tasks and thus run the workouts through a series of procedures that will result in nutritional reports that will give you the amounts of calories you should eat and more.

In Google Play, there are thousands of best weight loss apps aimed at improving our physical form, and thus, our health. Whether to lose weight or gain muscle or improve personal brands, these are the best Android apps that can be downloaded from the play store.

1. Google fit

Google’s sports and physical activity monitoring suite is one of the Best Weight Loss Apps that should not be missing on the mobile of any athlete or of any person whose goal is to lose weight. The app not only allows you to record each and every one of the activities we carry out throughout the day even automatically–, but Google Fit also has integration with other services so that you can keep track of your intake and spending. Daily calories are much easier.

Google Fit is completely free, as are all its functions. In addition, if you have a smartwatch or sports bracelet, it will be possible to synchronize the activity log with the Google application.

2. Diet Point – the best weight loss apps

It is an application with which you can have enough guidance to better manage your daily meals. It is an easy-to-use app that only requires attention and responsibility to reach the previously stated objective.

Losing weight with Diet Point is an easy task. You just have to be aware of the reminders and dedicate yourself to the shopping list of each established diet.

This app offers you a fairly balanced and fruitful diet plan. With the suggestions that you get there, you can be closer and closer to your goals.

You can obtain the necessary information on 150 different recipes to lose weight and start an extremely simple exercise plan by acquiring this interface. Add more meals and fill in the most important levels that can easily help you lose weight.

3. MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter

Keeping good control over the calories ingested daily is almost as important as doing physical activity to lose weight or improve our physical form. And for that, there are few better tools than MyFitnessPal. The application belonging to the famous sports company Under Armor has the largest food database of all the apps in its category, so adding meals will be easy and fast, and if a food is not included, the nutritional information can be entered manually.

MyFitnessPal can automatically calculate the nutritional goals to meet or create our own personalized plans, depending on whether the goal is to gain or lose weight or simply maintain it while improving fitness.

4. Lifesum – Calorie Counter

Little by little, Lifesum has been gaining ground on MyFitnessPal, and it is already one of the most used best Weight Loss Apps in its category. Like the previous option, Lifesum allows you to have total control over the calories ingested and expended throughout the day, thanks to its food diary and activity log.

This interface has multifunctional tools on your cell phone capable of contributing to the development of your physical abilities to lose weight. In general terms, the application has tips and advice on diets and recipes, a calorie calculator, activity tracking, and much more, all from a single app.

Everything you need to lose weight can be found in Lifesum, a good nutritional tracker to make this whole routine much more fun and simple.

The best tools to achieve the proposed objective are at your fingertips; just make use of the functionalities that Lifesum has for you and make the most of the healthiest food and exercise routines.

Create your own exercise routines with Lifesum and take control of the main nutrients to progress faster and faster.

Plus, the app offers a calorie and macronutrient planner, expert diet tips, and much more. It is worth noting that its design is infinitely superior to that of MyFitnessPal in every way. However, the food database is not as numerous as that of the previous tool.

5. Progression Workout Tracker

Without a doubt, one of the best weight loss apps to keep track of the exercise routines we do in the gym. Progression offers the possibility of using predefined routines or creating our own, and at the time of carrying out the activity, take control of series, repetitions, and breaks.

6. Fooducate – Eat better, Lose weight, Get healthy

To find out what you need to improve your meals and fitness and motivate yourself to obtain healthier alternatives, Fooducate is the multifunctional tool you need.

The best nutrition, quality of exercises, handling of referential basics, ingredients, and collective functioning are just a couple of keystrokes away.

This app has to its credit: a tracker and monitoring of your meals, calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and nutritional ingredients related to your usual diet.

The best health and diet tips can be found in this system so that you can lose weight freely and effectively. The application is designed so that users who make use of it can eat healthier.

7. Freeletics Training Coach – Bodyweight Fitness

The people of Freeletics have been working for years with the goal of making work as easy as possible for all those who want to improve their physical form. Today, they have some of the best tools to keep track of activity, nutrition or simply improve performance.

These are the 4 best you can download:

  • Freeletics Bodyweight
  • Freeletics Gym
  • Freeletics Nutrition
  • Freeletics Running

8. YAZIO Calorie Counter & Intermittent Fasting App

Considered the best weight loss app for Android, YAZIO has managed to meet expectations by being a great manager of information and tips to lose weight.

The app has tools that allow you to better control your daily activities, the diets you consume, and a calorie counter to ensure that you are meeting the previously established goal.

Losing weight with YAZIO is very easy. It would be best if you only considered the aspects mentioned at the beginning of the article: vocation, responsibility, and discipline.

Thanks to this sensational manager, you can carry out your eating plan, exercise, calculate your calories, fat, and carbohydrates. In addition, you can count on an excellent barcode reader to find food much faster in this way.

9. Nike Run Club

One of the most popular runner apps out there is Nike Run Club. It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced; in the Nike app, you can record all our races, join weekly and monthly challenges, and even get running guides and motivation from world-renowned athletes.

The app also has a social section where we can share our careers with the rest of the world and incidentally get that extra motivation that is so necessary on some occasions.

10. Sweat: Fitness App For Women

Unlike the other apps on this list, Sweat is designed and directed especially for women since its information manager favors this specific community.

This network is very well incorporated into the tastes and interests of women in many physical aspects and in terms of health.

Their level of training is highly adapted so that the ladies can advance remarkably in the pursuit of their goals, taking into account the high-intensity resistance that their metabolism could withstand.

Sweat only requires 28 minutes per day to execute a series of moderate but intense exercises and thus achieve the objective selected when initially using the app.

11. FatSecret

Another recommended best weight loss apps when it comes to counting the calories ingested throughout the day is FatSecret. It may not be as famous as LifeSum or MyFitnessPal, but its good performance and ease of use make this app one of the perfect tools for all those who are going to start in the world of sports.

12. Map My Run by Under Armour

The company behind MyFitnessPal also has its own application with which to record our running progress. MapMyRun allows you to have full control over your races, generate reports that indicate how our performance has improved over the weeks, and its payment method offers the possibility of creating personalized training plans to lose weight or improve performance even more.

13. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

It is a personal trainer to achieve weight loss in a matter of a few weeks. The app is perfectly compatible with Android and iOS mobiles, and with it, you just have to follow the guidelines and guidelines of the interface to run personalized training.

Follow the step-by-step guidance, discover personalized diets, ingredients, and meals, bring a change to your lifestyle, obtain all the benefits that this implies and achieve it in a matter of a few days.

8fit can contribute significantly to a better style of your day-to-day, always with the intention of improving your health and physical condition in addition to meeting the previously stated objective.

14. Fitify: Workout Routines & Training Plans

The interval training high intensity commonly as HIIT– is one of the most effective ways to lose fat. In addition, this type of activity hardly requires specific materials, and its duration is usually short so that it can be carried out at any time and in any place.

The Fitify tool offers us more than 90 exercises of this type and 4 different training programs depending on our objectives.

15. Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker

Another great app for creating custom training plans is JEFIT. The tool is intended to improve our physical form by keeping track of our progress when carrying out training sessions, either at home or in the gym.

Depending on our goal, the application will offer different free training programs.

16. Sworkit Fitness – Workouts & Exercise Plans App

This personalized training guide and video manager works as a multifunctional tool in the aspects of physical well-being, health, and a healthy diet.

The best thing about this application is that you can freely select the time you want to dedicate daily, whether it be between 5 and 60 minutes, know by means of a few parameters what you should do, and choose between strength and other exercises.

This application has to its credit a community of more than 25 million users who interact with each other to exchange ideas, give advice and suggestions, contribute so that each one can meet their own goals in order to be in satisfactory shape.

17. RunKeeper – Run and Mile Tracker

With more than 10 million installations on Google Play, RunKeeper is one of the most famous apps in the sports tools category. It allows you to monitor physical activities throughout the day, join personalized training programs and see a report with progress and goals achieved over time.

18. Lose It! – Calorie Counter by Lose It! for Diet & Weight Loss

Lose It! is an application clearly focused on weight loss. Once our goal is set, it allows us to keep track of the calories ingested during the day.

It is an application fully compatible with smart mobile devices, computers, and laptops. By downloading and installing it directly from its respective operational platform ( App Store or Google Play ), you will be able to have a complete interface in terms of its level of functionality.

With Lose It, you will have the possibility to meet your goals and do a series of follow-ups, with digital advice about your exercises, food, and daily diet to lose weight.

In its systems, you can find more than 27 million articles related to the fundamental basis of the diets that each individual is interested in, the aspect of weight, its reduction, and the results that can be obtained with step-by-step guides should consume.

Expert writers design these articles with excellent reputations throughout the world.

To make progress more enjoyable, the app allows us to add our favorite foods so that it is possible to treat ourselves frequently without ruining the gains achieved over the days, thus improving adherence to the weight loss program, and therefore, its effectiveness.

19. Seven – 7 Minute Workout

Seven is the app for those who do not have much time but still do not want to neglect their physical form – well done. This application offers us training sessions of only 7 minutes in duration, in which it is intended to lose as many calories as possible.

To motivate us, the app has a scoring system based on hearts. If we train every day of the week during a specific period, we will get 100% of the score, but for each day that we skip training, we will lose a heart, and the score will go down little by little.

20. Fabulous

Staying motivated during a training program or any activity that requires our effort and willpower is essential. Therefore, despite not being directly related to sports, Fabulous is one of the best weight loss apps used when losing weight or getting fit. It even has motivational programs designed to achieve these goals.

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