Best Body Slimming Apps for Android & iPhone: Dedicated apps to help you plan nutrition and exercise. Losing weight will be simple and boring.

Losing excess weight by summer is traditionally started after the New Year, on the first day of spring, and after the May holidays. To turn your intention into a real result, start now.

Best Body Slimming Apps for Android & iPhone

Body Slimming Apps

The main principle of all diets is to consume fewer calories than you expend. To do this, you need to calculate your daily energy expenditure and track every bite that goes into your mouth. You will have to weigh the portion of the food yourself, and the rest will be calculated for you by the best body slimming apps.

1. FatSecret

Completely free Body Slimming Apps with an intuitive interface. It takes into account the total calorie content, the number of consumed proteins, fats, and carbohydrates—a large database of products, where you can find dishes from popular restaurant chains. In addition to BJU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), the program takes into account the amount of sugar, fiber, sodium, cholesterol. Shows statistics for the day, current, and last week.

In the application, you can take into account the consumption of calories, choosing from several types of activity. However, you should be aware that the application will only provide estimates. Without a heart rate monitor, tracking actual energy use is nearly difficult.

2. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

One of the world’s most popular calorie-counting apps. In it, you can take into account calories and BJU, monitor statistics. The database contains more than 6 million products, and it is updated daily.

MyFitnessPal is convenient for those who travel frequently or prefer products that are rarely found in Russia. The required product will likely be in the database, so you won’t have to enter it manually.

You can keep a workout diary in the Body Slimming Apps, add your own exercises.

3. YAZIO Calorie Counter & Intermittent Fasting App

The Body Slimming Apps is not only functional but also beautiful. A photograph accompanies each product, and YAZIO looks like an electronic version of a glossy magazine. You can keep diaries of food and exercise, add your own foods. Among the downsides is that you cannot add your own recipes.

4. Lifesum – Calorie Counter

This Body Slimming Apps not only counts how much you ate. It will also help you choose products so that you lose weight according to the chosen plan, quickly, or according to the gentle scheme. And this is not about restricting the diet: Lifesum will leave familiar foods on the menu but will advise on what portion size to take so as not to overeat. A separate application option is accounting for the volume of water drunk. discusses health based on scientific research. Everything to ensure that you do not overlook any potentially serious signs, that you get effective medications, and that you take adequate care of yourself. 

Diet alone is not enough to get your dream figure. Strong muscles under a small layer of fat visually outperform an untrained but lean body. So add exercise to your weight loss plan.

5. Seven

Circuit training for the main muscle groups. The only equipment you need is a chair. One lap takes seven minutes, but you can extend the workout to an hour. The exercises seem simple, but they work well for the untrained athlete. The technique is shown in the figures. In the paid version, you can compose your workouts depending on the goal.

6. Nike Training Club: Fitness

Over 150 workouts for different levels of fitness. You can choose a program for the whole body or focus on specific muscles. The instructors show the technique of the exercises. There are programs for both home workouts – without equipment or with a modest set of dumbbells, and for the gym.

7. Sworkit Fitness – Workouts & Exercise Plans App

In the application, you can create personalized workouts from 160 exercises. No special equipment is required. The instructor shows the technique. You can add a warm-up, stretching, yoga session to the workout, which will turn home exercises into a full-fledged complex for body development.

Progress is difficult to track without recording your workout results. Did the weight on the bar increase? Did you manage to do more repetitions in the approach – conservatives continue to write down all the data in a paper notebook. Fans of gadgets can use a smartphone.

8. Jefit – Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker

You can enter your exercise program into the application or use one of the ready-made ones. Record the number of approaches, reps, and the weight of the shells. The workout program can be scheduled on days of the week and loaded with one swipe of your finger.

9. GymApp – Workout Log & Fitness Tracker

More than 140 ready-made training programs and the ability to add your own. The application stores training history and analyzes it, generating statistics. You can add your own exercises with a description of the technique and photos.

The time spent on the exercise is important for runners, cyclists, and hikers, and the speed and distance. Special tracker applications will help you calculate these parameters.

10. Runkeeper – Run & Mile Tracker

It takes into account the basic parameters: time, speed, mileage when running, walking, cycling, and so on. Draws a route on the map. Synchronizes with most models of heart rate monitors.

11. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

Tracks different types of activity. In the application, you can set goals for different sports. A virtual trainer will help you achieve them. True, audio features are only available in English. You can take this as a disadvantage, or you can take it as an opportunity to tighten your tongue without being distracted from training.

12. Fitness plan 30 days

The most popular and most frequently downloaded weight loss application for Android is Russian. The program offers a set of simple physical exercises, for which you do not need to leave the house. A professional fitness trainer created a set of exercises. By sticking to the plan suggested by the application, you can lose weight and improve your physical fitness in a month.

The program helps to gradually increase physical activity by increasing the intensity of the workout. Application advantages and functions:

  • Recording training results in automatic mode;
  • Daily class reminders;
  • Excellent video tutorials;
  • A gradual increase in the intensity of classes;
  • The ability to share results on social networks.

When exercising on the press, buttocks, and the figure in general, the classes are divided into three degrees of intensity – from beginner athletes to professionals. This allows everyone to start exercising with the application, choosing the level of exercise that suits their current physical condition.

13. My weight loss coach

The app motivates you to fight excess weight, laziness, unplanned snacks, and other habits that interfere with the creation of an ideal and attractive figure. To do this, the program justifies you with its recommendations and virtual rewards, monitors the performance of tasks, and reminds you of the next lesson.

The application will help you establish proper nutrition and adhere to the regime. Remind yourself to drink more fluids and regularly control your weight. You will record your achievements in a diary, monitor your meals and physical activity. To increase motivation, the application sets specific goals, demonstrating them with motivational photos and quotes.

The app will help you achieve your goals effectively. You just need to set a task, and the program will make sure that you go to the gym, move more and eat right. The application will mark the exact observance of the recommendations with a virtual reward. The main functions that “My weight loss trainer” has:

  • Reminders;
  • Recommendations for overcoming obstacles on the way to a sports figure;
  • Motivational photos, quotes, and goal reminders;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the assigned task;
  • Virtual rewards.

The application is distributed free of charge. But there is also a PRO version that can be purchased for money. Its capabilities are somewhat expanded and additionally include:

  • The ability to plan a diet and diet;
  • Calorie counting;
  • BMI calculator;
  • A journal of your diet;
  • Weight control.

14. Fat Burning Workout – Lose Weight in 30 Days at Home

The application contains a set of exercises that will help you get rid of excess weight and body fat. These are 45 effective exercises that will help you achieve an attractive athletic figure. Also, this complex contributes to the development of strength and major muscle groups.

Each exercise in the application is accompanied by convenient video instructions and text descriptions of how to perform them. The main functions of the application:

  • The ability to create your own training schedule based on the 45 exercises presented;
  • Upcoming workout reminders;
  • Pre-installed training programs;
  • Motivation to achieve the goal;
  • Variable intensity training is the most effective way to burn fat.

The set of exercises presented in the application can be used by both women and men, children and people of age.

15. Lose weight without diet

The Lose Weight No Diet app will help you start eating right and losing weight. You will receive advice on diet and food choices, as well as physical activity tips to help you lose weight as quickly and effectively as possible.

Your success will be based on the following ingredients:

  • Correct catering;
  • Physical activity;
  • Weight loss statistics control;
  • Following helpful tips from the app;
  • Motivational bonuses, by accumulating which you can purchase the full version of the application.


We have reviewed the most popular weight loss apps for Android. You can choose one of them or use several programs at the same time to achieve the goal as soon as possible.

They are the best apps about a healthy lifestyle, in which they destroy myths about the ban on dinner after 6:00 pm, the dangers of carbohydrates, and the benefits of cling film wrapped around the waist – all this is based on scientific evidence.

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