10 Best Walking Apps for Weight Loss of 2022

The best walking app for weight loss: If you’re here, is it worth talking about the benefits of running apps? For those who still doubt their benefits and are sure that ” this was not the case before and it was normal, “I will tell you about how running applications help:

  • Record the data of each workout: The training diary has always been, and now it has become much more convenient. In addition, in the application, you can more clearly see the statistics of your workouts and progress (or lack thereof);
  • Tracking: They track the pace, speed, mileage, heart rate, climb, calories, cadence, and many other metrics that may not be mathematically accurate but help you track progress and running characteristics.
  • Create a workout plan: Yes, this will not replace your coach if you aim to conquer the podium or come at least in the top ten. But for me, an amateur, an application (and common sense) is enough to prepare for a half marathon and a marathon.
  • Motivate: ( this is the most important thing for me ). When you have a running program, you know for sure that you have a workout today and plan your time to get into it. Without a workout plan, there is a feeling that “today you can and skip.” And about apps that motivate you to run, I wrote a separate post.

In this post, I only write about some applications

Here are the tech guides for your fitness. To walk knowing how many calories you burn or to venture into the mountains without risking getting lost.


  • One of the most famous and oldest running and cycling apps.
  • Basically a social network for athletes where you can add others as friends, track activity, and share content.
  • Over the past few years, Strava has made a significant leap in its functionality, and now the application allows not only to like the runs of acquaintances and strangers in its feed but also to track the progress and effort with which the workout goes.
  • According to this source, there were 76 million Strava users in March.

This app is also used by professional athletes in the Olympics and amateurs who just want to store or share their training data.

A very cool addition that has not been seen in other applications – sites. These are GPS-tracked workouts broken down into smaller segments. Each time you complete a section, the time is recorded, so you can compare your performance with previous attempts and compete with the time of friends and other athletes.

Fun fact. In November 2017, Strava published the Global Heat Map, a visualization of 2 years of activity for all users of the app. And in 2018, a student at the Australian National University working on a cybersecurity research study found that this visualization marked the locations of secret strategic targets: US military bases in Syria, Afghanistan, and the Royal Navy base, where Britain’s nuclear weapons are concentrated.

I’ve used both the free version of Strava and one of the Summit subscriptions. The application works great with data: you get information about your records at every workout, visualization is also at the level. All graphs/diagrams and maps are interactive; for each activity, you get quite detailed data.

Strava will show you data on pace, speed, route, time, altitude change. In the paid version, you can monitor your heart rate, more detailed running characteristics and get a running program to prepare for classic distances.

Benefits of the Strava app

On average, about 8 million activities are uploaded to Strava every day. Surely, at least one of your friends is registered here. Strava allows you to track what your friends are doing and compete with them and with athletes around the world. For this, the function sections and calls (tasks) has been created.

In the paid version of Strava (Summit), you can buy separate packages: to access running programs, and for example, you will need to pay only $2 per month. They can be found at this link. But there is also a fly in the ointment: there are no running programs in the application itself; they are only available on the website and sent by mail, which is much less convenient than in Nike Running Club or Runtastic. I wrote a separate post about the Strava running program.

You can directly connect gadgets to Strava from Garmin, Apple, Fitbit, Wahoo, Polar, Tomtom, Suunto. Most apps allow you to upload data to Strava. Strava works very well with data, with cool reports, graphs, charts, and other ways to visualize your workouts.

✪ Verdict

Strava is the largest and most popular social fitness network. For me, this is not the best program for analyzing my data, but an excellent way to constantly take up challenges and compete. You can get the running program only in the paid version (about $ 2 / month), you can test it for a whole month for free, but you won’t be able to prepare for races 10, 21, 42 using the application: the running program is sent to you by email, and it is not interactive.


  • Nike Run Club is (almost) the best running app!
  • At some point, all my friends who had previously used Strava started asking me, “Are you still on strava?
  • I’ve been using Nike for a long time! ” I resisted for a long time but succumbed to how cool the reports of my friends’ runs on FB looked.
  • It seemed to me that even if the reports look cool, then everything else should also be fine. I was almost right.

Nike Run Club is an app that turns running into a game: for every new record, you get medals, and for every run, you get an increase in your profile’s authority. Nike just took and did what all amateurs want – every run makes you, even if not a master of sports, but at least a medal owner.

Do you want to know your record at one, five, ten kilometers? Please! On the half marathon and the marathon? Everything is in your profile! Are you tired of your usual boring jogging? Choose an audio run with a coach or interesting person and learn new information. Add friends and go for a run!

When you use the free NRC app, it seems like there is everything to fall in love with running!

Most importantly, there are running programs to prepare for 5, 10, 21, 42 kilometers (very varied), programs to lose weight or to “look good on the beach.” When you use NRC, it seems there is everything to fall in love with running! And it’s a free app!

Among other things, you can connect your heart rate monitor to the app via the Health app on the iPhone (I tried this with Mi Band 4 and Amazfit Verge). I cannot say that this is the most reliable way to obtain stable heart rate data, but it is possible.

Alas, I don’t use NRC to track my workouts. This app has had several attempts to prepare me for two official races. All three failed almost at the start. Not the most pleasant feeling when you finish your workout and, after 2 hours, at the finish line, the application informs you that a GPS signal has been found (just now, Karl!), And all previous data has been recorded with very approximate accuracy.

Benefits of the Strava app

It’s about the same feeling when you run a long weekend workout, and at the very end, the app closes and forgets your workout data. Here you have no time for medals. Unfortunately, my friend, who runs with iPhone 6s, faced a similar situation.

✪ Verdict

NRC is (almost) the best running app. Even if it was paid, it would remain so. But there is one “but.” The instability of its work, either with the iPhone 5-6s or with all smarts in general, does not allow me to use it as the main application for running. But I wanted.


  • I wrote this post back when Adidas Running was called Runtastic, so this block needs some work.
  • Adidas Running (Runtastic) is a running app from Adidas, the world’s second running footwear company after Nike.
  • In 2015, Adidas bought it from the Austrians for $ 239 million. Before buying Adidas, this company was engaged in the application and produced its own trackers.
  • In 2014 and 2015, Runtastic created the Runtastic Orbit and Runtastic Moment trackers.

Adidas Running (Runtastic) allows you to track all the same characteristics as other apps: speed, pace, mileage, altitude change, calories, stride characteristics, and even the amount of fluid lost.
Plus, you can connect your Garmin, Polar, and Apple Watch directly to Adidas Running (Runtastic).

Only in the paid version can you find running programs for any distance up to the marathon. The paid version cost me $ 35 per year, and here, from my own experience, I can tell you that I did not regret it. I prepared myself for the half marathon with their running program and ran it better than I bargained for.

I plan to do the same at the marathon this fall. Their program maybe a little boring, but it helps me to prepare: I constantly feel an improvement in my running form.

Benefits of adidas Running App Run Tracker

In Adidas Running (Runtastic), like in NRC, there are also “goodies,” but they are all concentrated mainly on the site: here you can see all your records and find out how fast you run any distance. Unfortunately, this information is not included in the application.

✪ Verdict

In addition to the app, Adidas Running (Runtastic) has a very good blog, which is not harmful to read.


  • This app from a well-known American gadget manufacturer was created to “connect” your Garmin device to your phone
  • To study your running metrics in some detail.
  • In order to use Garmin Connect, you need a Garmin gadget. I would not recommend this application.
  • If you have never run it and do not even imagine if you enjoy this activity.

The advantage of Garmin Connect is in the quantity and quality of analyzed data: you can work with it both in the app and in the web version. The cool thing is that by connecting a Garmin gadget, you get the full version of the app with running programs.

In the GARMIN Connect app, you can take advantage of running programs for 5 km, 10 km, and half marathon (you do not have to pay extra for this). You can choose a goal: just run or run for the target time.

It’s really cool that this plan is personalized: it takes into account your weekly foray, average pace, and, best of all, your personal coach choice. You can evaluate and compare the approach of each of them by watching the introductory video at the start of the running plan.

Running program for half marathon preparation at GARMIN Connect. They sync with GARMIN Forerunner 645 Music, where you can watch exactly what workout awaits you today.

✪ Verdict

Garmin Connect is a powerful tool for those who want to know in more detail information about their form, run a distance or pump their results. There is a lot of data here, so Garmin Connect may not be the best solution for those who are just trying their hand at running.


  • People want to be healthy and fit at all times. This is why a growing number of people are taking exercise more seriously.
  • Most are even enrolling in gym memberships to ensure that their bodies are well-cared for.
  • However, many people are unable to keep their routines as a result of the pandemic and their hectic schedules. 
  • Having a fitness tracking app on your phone is one of the best ways for this.
  • Polar Flow is one of the many trustworthy fitness apps on the market today. 
  • It’s compatible with a wide range of Polar devices and can help you reach your fitness objectives.

Polar Flow is an application that aggregates data about activity, training, running programs, sleep. To use it, you need either a Polar gadget or Polar Beat sync, which can also be downloaded for free.

There are four tabs with intuitive names:

  • Diary
  • Start
  • Activity
  • Calendar

The four main tabs in the Polar Flow app

In the “Diary” tab, you get general data about your state: fitness status, activity, sleep. From each widget, you can fall into the report by directions.

In the “Start” tab, you can start a workout or take a fitness test. Not so long ago, the ability to track your workout was in the separate Polar Beat app.

In the “Activity” tab, you get the collected data about sleep, heart rate, steps, kilometers, activity time, calories. As a result, you get information about how your day went: hours of sleep and training, maximum and minimum heart rate. You can also see the same information by week and month.

Polar Flow app Activity tab

In the “Training” tab, you can find more detailed information about the workouts you have done and which are coming if you set up a running program (more on this below).

Polar Flow App Training Tab

«By Nightly Recharge» – «chip» Polar, the essence of which – to measure the quality of your sleep by measuring heart rate variability and amount of sleep. The clock immediately tells you how intense a workout you can pull today.

Personally, in my first days, this indicator jumped very much, but after a week, it really correlated with sensations. I will write a little more about this technology below.

Polar Flow app, Nightly Recharge tab

For some reason, I don’t understand; Polar Flow has a separate ” Sleep ” tab, in which the watch reports sleep phases, interruptions and also evaluates the quality of how you rested. I don’t understand why “Nightly Recharge” and “Sleep” are not combined into one tab.

Polar Flow app Sleep tab

You cannot start a training session from the Polar Flow app, and it is only used for data analysis. You need to use the separate Polar Beat app for training.

In Polar Flow, you can, of course, also view the analysis of a specific training session:

When you sync your watch with the app, the data is sent to the web interface, where you have even more options than the Polar Flow App.

You can immerse yourself in the Polar Flow web interface for a long time. There are a lot of visualizations of your data, they are all very cool, and you might even be able to use them in your workouts.

From here (from the Polar Flow web interface), you can choose your running program for 5, 10, half marathon, and marathon. The programs consist of a variety of workouts: running workouts of different types, strength workouts, static and dynamic stretching.

The minimum duration of the program is 14 weeks, and the maximum is 20 months. In case your basic training takes more than 4 weeks, the running program will be updated every 4 weeks in the basic period ( source ).

The plan takes into account the number of workouts you can do, the duration, and your subjective sense of the load.

Here’s how Polar describes their program (I’m currently running their half marathon training program): “ This training program prepares you for the 21k event. It is designed for experienced runners looking to improve their time in 21k events. It can also help you prepare for a 42k workout program. Your event end time will be estimated during the program based on the estimated event data. To start this program, a recent long-distance event training experience such as 10k or 21k is recommended. “.

So – the dynamics of the Running Index (about which it will be a little lower) and predicting the passage of distances in time:

And so – the dynamics of VO2Max according to the results of the fitness test (it will also be discussed in the “Sportfunctional” section further):

Fitness test in Polar Flow

There is really a lot of data here that, personally, I still need to learn how to use it to improve my running form effectively. 


✪ Verdict

The Polar Flow app and the Polar web interface and gadget are great ways to pump up your form. It’s still difficult for me to say which is better to choose Garmin Connect or Polar Flow, but it seems that both of these applications are not made for beginners, but with experience, I am sure you can choose what suits you best.

Adidas Running (Runtastic) is the app I’m testing this running season. Access to running programs costs me 35 $ / year, and I absolutely do not regret this money, as I tested the training in practice. Of the minuses – the running program itself is boring, there is no such entertainment as in the NRC, and in the application itself, there is some German pedantry, which sometimes makes it boring. Nevertheless, I must pay tribute to the guys at Runtastic: their application has never let me down.



  • An application for tracking various activities from the Chinese company Xiaomi
  • I use this application when I write reviews of Mi Band and Amazfit, so I have already managed to familiarize myself with its advantages and disadvantages.
  • If you have a gadget from the Xiaomi family, you probably use Mi Fit to receive data. 
  • This is not a social network, although I notice that they are moving very slowly in this direction.  
  • Here you can track running, cycling, walking, but you won’t find friends here.

Obviously, Xiaomi will not make Mi Fit a separate product since the application does not offer the option to connect a premium package, and the possibilities are limited exclusively to sports functions.

Tracking and visualization in Mi Fit works great: here, you get not only data about the route, pace, speed, distance, altitude, and calories, but also about heart rate (if you have a gadget), cadence, and stride length. The application has an excellent visualization of training data: graphs, charts, tables.

Mi Fit collects and analyzes data about your sleep. But, as I wrote earlier, I do not understand how I can use this data myself.

The app calculates heart rate zones based on age, but if you’ve read the article on running on heart rate, you probably know that this data should not be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, there are no running plans in Mi Fit, so you won’t be able to prepare for serious distances exclusively with this application.

✪ Verdict

Mi Fit is a good app, but I would recommend using it to track your activity, not prepare for serious distances. The simplicity of functionality and stability of work – this is the Mi Fit chip.


  • Huawei Health is an app from the controversial Chinese Huawei, blacklisted by the US and banned by most US IT companies due to official charges of espionage.
  • According to some reports, to date, the company continues to be on the “black list.”
  • Still, Donald Trump announced that it was necessary to ease the sanctions and Huawei continued to trade with some American companies (which the US Congress is not very happy about).

 This is where the disadvantages end: after the Honor Band 4 test , Huawei Health turned out to be a revelation for me.

I will say right away: I have not tested their running plan on myself, and at first glance, it looks boring, but it is quite logical. Nobody bothers you to add your own more fun workouts to it. So this is a huge plus for the Huawei Health app.

It has the same set of functions as Mi Fit: the ability to track your run, bike, and walk, pace, speed, distance, route, heart rate (if you have a gadget), altitude changes, heart rate distribution, and good data visualization.

I was surprised by another thing: Huawei Health has the opportunity to prepare for running distances and build a training plan (and all this in the free version!).

✪ Verdict

Huawei Health app allows you to keep track of the kilometers covered and prepare for serious races. A running plan in the free version of the application, and even with a rather user-friendly interface, is a godsend. On the other hand, form tracking is not as powerful as it is in more popular applications. Also, do not forget: Huawei is still on the US blacklist and any violation on their part could change the course of the company’s development.


  • Step Tracker by Leap Fitness Group is designed to make you walk more and more and thus shed those unwanted pounds.
  • The application offers you two ways to keep track of your activity.
  • You can use the motion sensors built into your device or activate GPS.
  • The latter will provide a map for your route and additional fitness data, but at the same time, drain your battery.

Step Tracker automatically records your daily movement and gives you the opportunity to pause, resume or reset your step count at any time. You can set a daily goal for the steps taken or for various other parameters, such as the duration of the walks or the number of calories burned. If you want to know more about your health, you can sync the app with MyFitnessPal or Samsung Health.

✪ Verdict

The app is incredibly good for keeping track of how many steps you’ve taken in a day. It’s fantastic that it allows for data backup. One pet complaint of mine is that it interprets my driving in his congested regions as walking, allowing me to track an extra mile or two if my car is moving slowly.


  • Walking to Lose Weight by Azumio is an all-in-one solution for monitoring your activity and improving your nutrition.

  • The app was designed to help you lose weight in an effective way: by mixing carefully crafted workout plans with proper meal plans and healthy recipes.

  • At the end of each training session, you will have access to a wide range of parameters regarding body weight progress, calories burned or distance traveled.

Walking to Lose Weight comes with interval training plans that combine normal walking with so-called power walking. You can select a program based on your fitness level: beginner or advanced, and receive audio instructions during each training session.

To lose weight efficiently, the app puts a wide range of meal plans and recipes at your disposal so that you can develop and maintain healthy habits along the way.

✪ Verdict

So far, everything has gone well! It’s great because it keeps track of where I’ve been! It’s a fantastic tool to keep track of my walking and aid in my weight loss!


It is very simple, and it provides you with the essential data (steps, distance, calories) to understand how much you are moving. Its accuracy is not absolute (it estimates the pace based on the information on height, weight, and age you have entered and the distances traveled), but on the other hand, it consumes little battery: so you can activate it in the morning and run it until the evening, to always have a complete picture.

It is recommended because it is ideal if you want to start training and at the same time have little confidence in the technology..

All the benefits of walking

Even if you have many commitments during the day, between study and work, finding a half-hour to take a walk in the park, in the city or even better in the open countryside will not be difficult. Did you know that walking for at least 30 minutes a day can have huge benefits? We often think that more results are obtained by doing particularly strenuous physical activity, but this is not entirely true.

Several studies have shown that walking is one of the best exercises for keeping fit. Not to mention that you don’t need special equipment to do it. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes, and that’s it. Zero hours, zero particular movements, and the total freedom to go wherever you want (or at least wherever your legs will take you). So now find out in detail together with the Unicusano Cosenza Staff what are the benefits of doing this activity are. Then you can’t wait to find the perfect walking app for you!

It Helps to lose weight and tone up

Exercising and following a proper diet are the two key things to consider if you want to lose weight. But there is no need to make huge efforts or sacrifices. On the contrary: a simple walk, better if at a brisk pace, if done consistently, can give you many more results than you can imagine. And then, once you have regained your physical shape, it will be an excellent maintenance exercise to train your muscle tone.

Walking Improve your health

This is certainly the most important aspect. As mentioned, you train your muscles by walking. Everyone, including the heart, which despite being involuntary, improves its performance if subjected to constant exercise. Thus, the heartbeat frequency will become more and more adequate to the effort, improving the circulatory system and, therefore, the body’s oxygenation. What does all this entail? First of all, a strengthening of the immune defenses and stimulation of the lymphatic system. With defenses at attention and more energy, fighting seasonal ailments that are always around the corner will be much easier. But that is not all. As a result, the lungs (especially if done where the air is cleaner), the joints, and the metabolism will also benefit. A healthy walk will make you burn all excess sugar and also reduce the risk of diabetes. It was not cheap, wasn’t it?

It makes you live longer

More and more experts claim that 25 minutes of walking a day are enough to extend life up to 7 years more. But where does this conclusion come from? Obviously, from the health benefits that we listed a little while ago, which have a very important weight. So important that it seems to lead to halving the risk of a heart attack after the age of 50. Without thinking that it is an activity that can be easily practiced even in old age, without particular risks or contraindications. In practice, walking is an elixir of life.

It Will Stimulate your creativity

When you walk free of your mind, you get distracted and let your imagination run wild. Thoughts seem to disappear to leave room to appreciate what surrounds you. This is why it is an excellent exercise to disconnect from study or work and recharge your energy. You will return to doing your business with a different, more productive, and decidedly more concentrated spirit.

It puts you in a good mood

As a result, walking puts you in a good mood. Both because while you do it, you can discover new places and stay in contact with what surrounds you, and because you will feel and see on your skin all the positive effects of the benefits listed so far.

Have we convinced you? Then you just have to find the right walking app for you among the five that we will describe shortly. Have you found your walking app? Also, use it to do workouts at home, and you will see that you will no longer be able to give up a little healthy activity!

It is very simple, and it provides you with the essential data (steps, distance, calories) to understand how much you are moving. Its accuracy is not absolute (it estimates the pace based on the information on height, weight, and age you have entered and the distances traveled), but on the other hand, it consumes little battery: so you can activate it in the morning and run it until the evening, to always have a complete picture.

It is recommended because it is ideal if you want to start training and at the same time have little confidence in the technology.

Which running app do you use and why did you choose it?