Garmin Connect App Review: Having decided that you definitely need a Watch for sports, you probably wonder what kind of watch you need? We’ve prepared an overview of the Garmin, swimming, cycling, and triathlon app. We had them on the test, and we already had something to tell during this time.

Garmin Connect

The best walking app for weight loss or running, swimming, cycling, and triathlon. If you fall under the sports described above, then below, you will find a lot of information that will help you understand whether this model is suitable for solving your sports problems or not.

Garmin Connect Widget for Android & iPhone With a Unique Design

Garmin Connect is a free app for Android and iOS that was created by Garmin and has more than 40 million downloads. The app is used mainly to share data and provide feedback on the fitness tracker, but it can also be used for things like uploading activities or downloading workouts.

The Garmin Connect App provides a central location to track your activity. It’s the only place you need to go to see all of your data in one place, such as steps, sleep, heart rate, and calories burned.

Garmin Connect App Review

  • Size: 163M
  • Availavle for : Android & iPhone
  • Offered By: Garmin
  • Review :  4.6
  • Price: Free

Garmin Connect is a personal fitness tracking app that provides users with the ability to track their fitness activities.
Garmin Connect can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to track the users’ daily steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and activity type. In addition, Garmin Connect provides a detailed map of where you have been and what you have done in the past 7 days. All of these stats are translated into an easy-to-understand interface so that users can easily access their progress and see their performance over time.

How to go in for sports when you don’t feel like it? Enjoy a Garmin sports watch with an easy-to-use Garmin Connect app. Garmin Connect is a source of inspiration for physical activity. The application is a tool for communication as well as tracking sports achievements. The Computer Service allows you to pair your Garmin device with your smartphone.

Garmin Connect interface

The main screen displays a menu with many internal screens and basic information – steps taken, calories burned, night rest statistics, and other useful information. The data can be swapped, turned on / off if any parameters are not of interest.

Garmin Connect App

In the upper right corner, there is a calendar icon, by clicking on which you can view personal indicators for past days. The application interface is simple and intuitive; to understand the menu, just follow the on-screen instructions. The main menu icon is located in the upper left corner, touching it opens the following sections:

At a glance
  • Control panel – main display with information.
  • Newsfeed – displays the sports results of the owner of the service and his virtual friends.
  • Alerts – signal the arrival of information on the main screen and news in the feed.
  • Help – answers the user’s questions.
  • ConnectIQ store – provides access to additional functionality.
  • Point of social activity – allows you to find friends, join communities, view how other users see their personal profile.
  • Devices – serves to view the status and manage devices.
  • Settings – in this section, you can change personal information, select units of measurement, set the privacy mode, exit the profile.
  • Fitness – the largest section that shows important statistics, records, leaderboards.
  • Golf – allows you to load courses and track your progress in the game. An exclusive add-on, other similar applications do not have this functionality.


Design and function

I would like to note right away that the watch is visually sporty. Even in a black case, you will want to wear them under your shirt. The watch can be found in white-red, black-gray (sold only in a set with HRM Swim and HRM tri), and, the most popular according to sales reports from unofficial sources, black and blue cases. The buttons are large and easy to press, even with gloves on when exercising in cold weather. This is undoubtedly a plus. The built-in accelerometer will show your post-workout running cadence and pool strokes after a swim workout.

Complete set and design

The box contains a soft strap with an HRM heart rate sensor (limited edition – 230 pieces), a charging cable, and instructions for use. Please note that the strap does not have Running Dynamics, i.e., HRM-RUN and HRM-TRI functions, and not all kits include a chest strap.

How Garmin Connect App Works

The service is available on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, stationary computer. PC devices provide more detailed training analysis graphs. Synchronize the application with a smartphone or PC. Upon completion of the process, open the account settings with training sections. The areas and training calendars that are most suitable for the user are selected.

The Garmin Connect App is a free, easy-to-use app that gives you real-time information about your run and bike activities. The GPS and GLONASS tracking system will map out your routes and the embedded sensor will track various metrics (distance, pace, elevation, heart rate). You can also share those activities with others on social media or to your Garmin Connect account if you want to store the data for later.

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