How to Lose Weight With Apple Watch

How to Lose Weight With Apple Watch: Welcome to our guide to losing weight with Apple Watch. We discuss the best apps to install on your watch (and how to best use the device’s excellent pre-installed apps as part of your fitness regimen) and offer some tips to help you shed those extra pounds in a safe and healthy way.  

Lose Weight With Apple Watch

Monitor water consumption

Regular water intake will quickly improve your skin, flush out toxins and reduce your appetite. Sometimes when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty. Simply taking water is a huge step in improving your health.

I use WaterMinder to regulate and promote my regular daily water intake; it has an Apple Watch version that makes you drink regularly.

Control your calorie intake

Controlling your calorie intake is much easier than worrying about your nutritional level. You should first monitor your calorie intake and worry about balancing your diet once you reach the point where your calorie intake is under control.

If you want to lose weight, calorie control is far more important than exercise. In addition, exercise will be easier when the weight is reduced. Don’t expect to lose weight through exercise alone, as exercise will also force you to consume more calories to replace your wasted energy. Control your calories to lose weight and understand that exercise will help you strengthen your body, muscles, heart, and lungs.

I recommend MyFitnessPal for calorie management and nutrition. But we have a lot more recommendations for apps that can help with your diet. 

Counting steps and exercise

Motion 24/7 is a good sleep tracker and step counter for the iPhone, but the second half of the equation was quickly taken over by the Apple Watch when it came out.  

Refilling my rings on Apple Watch every day has become a natural part of my day. My activity ring is now set to challenge me to burn 600 active calories per day. This is literally double the amount the day I received my watch.

I have no problem closing all three circles every day for 732 days in a row.  

Apple Watch has two pre-installed apps to help you do your exercise: Activity (which covers all of your daily movements, motivates you to complete the rings shown above) and Workout (which focuses on individual cardio exercises, offering separate workouts for running, cycling, swimming, etc.).  

Remember that while the Apple Watch Series 2 has GPS and can provide accurate measurements at launch, the first generation and Series 1 models do not. They will link to the GPS of the linked iPhone if it’s close enough, but otherwise, they have to guess the distance based on your step count and the information they have about your stride length.

Every time you “train” your watch with your iPhone, it gets a little smarter at guessing distances when the iPhone is not there, so it’s worth taking a little time to help it learn about your running style.  

Finally, consider purchasing some wireless earbuds so you can listen to music directly from your watch while you work.  

Heart monitoring

To the watch, I have added the HeartWatch, which acts as a superbly detailed heart monitor and sleep monitor. It will alert you if your heart rate gets too high or too low and lets you follow trends, so you get an early warning of any potential heart problems long before something bad happens.

There are documented stories of how this app literally saved lives.

Case Study: Losing £50 with Apple Watch

As healthcare is becoming the next growth sector for technology, I decided to do an experiment on myself to see if apps and devices can really help me. I was 18 for too long, and at the age of 45, I felt that this weight was starting to affect my joints and bones.

Knowing that the Apple Watch was on the way (that was a couple of years ago) and believing it would be healthy, I started preparing some useful apps for my iPhone. After a lot of experimentation, I settled on WaterMinder, MyFitnessPal, and Motion 24/7.

During my journey (2.5 years), I lost 50 pounds (3.5 stones) and kept it at ease. You are losing weight not through diet but through dietary changes, and this is what apps and devices allow you to do.

To mark the year I had my Apple Watch and found it healthy and happy, I emailed Tim Cook myself because I heard that he actually reads customer emails as Steve Jobs did.

I wasn’t expecting an answer, but I just wanted him to know that the device he stands for can truly change lives. He was kind enough to send me a letter that day to congratulate me on my achievement. 

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