Nike Run Club App Review

Nike Run Club App Review: The legendary brand’s Nike + Run Club app is ranked in the top most popular best walking app for weight loss. Let’s figure out what are the advantages of the application and how it loses to other trackers.

Nike Run Club App Review

The user downloads the Nike + Run Club app from the AppStore or Google Market to a smartphone, passes a quick registration via Facebook, specifies biometric parameters, running experience if any, training goals if they are:

Nike Run Club App

  • Package Name:
  • License: Free
  • Op. System: Android & iPhone
  • Category: Fitness
  • Author: Nike, Inc.

About the Nike + Run Club Running app

The user receives a profile in the Nike + community. Athletes from all over the world will see and subscribe to it; through it, he will register and integrate achievements in other Nike sports applications; can get discounts from the brand and make purchases.

Nike Run Club App

A unified profile will store training data for the entire lifetime of the account. The personal account is on the Nike website. There are options for expanding your account data, and you can also delete your Nike + profile and create a new one there.

Nike + Run Club app pricing

Everything in the application is free – a workout tracker, accessible analysis, posting of training data and photos, and even training programs.

This is a definite plus for those who expect only route tracking, pace, and general statistics from the application. There are no banners offering to buy a subscription.

The member will occasionally receive messages about new Nike collections and discounted items in exchange for free use. So the free app, if you look at it, is geared towards commerce, advertises Nike, helps retain brand fans, and generates new customers.

Nike + Run Club – The Beginner’s Solution

The Nike + Run Club app still plays its role perfectly to this day as a community built to engage new runners and stay motivated. Everything in it is made for convenience and pleasant interaction without unnecessary movements.

Training plans for the marathon and half marathon. Download and start preparing today.

Nike + will help the beginner to take the first steps in training without serious mistakes (abruptly taken high pace and large volumes). And a number of functions will constantly cheer up the athlete. The minimalistic interface of the application requires a minimum of intervention from the runner. So for amateur runners not chasing elite records, Nike + Run Club is the perfect workout companion. But this also introduced a number of limitations to the functionality of the application.

Nike + Run Club interface

The application interface is intuitive. The horizontal menu consists of:

  • The start page from which you can start training – the “running man” icon.
  • Feeds of news and useful materials from Nike and feeds of posts from friends in the application – the “house” icon.
  • User Activity Feed – Chart Icon.
  • The “Club” tab, where all information about the Nike running community and the user’s place in the rating is collected – the “figurine” icon.
  • User push messages – envelope icon.

Track running 

At startup, the start page will open, from which you can start your workout by pressing the “Start” button. There are three tabs at the top – “Quick Start,” “Audio Runs,” “My Coach.”

  • Quick start starts a run without any additional options. You can set the planned distance or time for your workout using the Set Target button. There is also a goal, “For speed,” which can be selected during interval training – the segments will need to be marked manually on the phone right on the run.
  • To the left of the QuickStart, the button is the settings icon. Through it, you can choose where the run will take place – on the street or on the treadmill, set up sound comments from the coach, who will report the mileage and pace. The frequency of comments is configurable, and you can choose a female or male voice, start the countdown, screen orientation under the cover on the right or left hand.
  • Only GPS is needed to work. The application will track the track without an Internet connection, but there may be slight inaccuracies in the tracking. The jogging track looks standard, as in any application. An interesting difference is that the track will be colored from bright green to red. Red means slow pace for this run, green means high pace.
  • You can also run the application on the treadmill. In order to switch to the treadmill mode, you need to select “Indoor” running in the settings. Then the GPS will not go crazy and will count the kilometers on the track. There are slight inaccuracies in tracking the pace and kilometers in this mode – both parameters are slightly overestimated.
  • Audio runs are an additional motivational component of the application. A runner can choose to run with a celebrity – Monetochka, Fedor Smolov, Artyom Dzyuba. In this case, the audio they recorded for Nike will sound words of support or advice.

Also, audio runs were recorded by several famous running trainers. Audio varies by topic – for example, “Nowhere to run,” “Don’t feel like running,” “Treadmill.” In them, coaches will “communicate” with the runner, encouraging and entertaining him. And in the end, they will be praised.

By the way, if the application is accidentally closed, the tracking of your run will not stop.

Training program    

In the “My Trainer” tab, the application makes programs for runners. You can choose a plan for 4 and 8 weeks for beginners and intermediate, or you can choose a plan to prepare for a run for a specific distance.

In a small questionnaire, the application asks about the running experience, monthly mileage, date, and distance of the planned marathon, half marathon, 15, 10, or 5 km. The program will ask how many days a week the user can run.

She will calculate how much time it takes to prepare with the initial data. If there is too little time for preparation, the program will simply not let you put the final on the date of the race. This is a good guideline for beginner runners.

The program will prescribe recovery, long-term, tempo, interval workouts and will select rest days. Workouts can be moved according to the schedule on days convenient for you.

Workout plan

When a runner goes for a run and wants to run as planned, he selects the My Coach tab. Then it finds the day and workout and starts the run. Halfway through the run, the coach will say “Half left” and start counting kilometers in reverse order.

In interval training, the app will automatically count the distance, the number of segments, even the rest time between intervals, but the stopwatch will have to be turned on and off by itself.

If the user forgets to start a run through “My trainer” but simply clicks “Quickstart,” the workout can be credited to the program later in the activity stream.

The program will count workouts per week and accumulate weekly mileage. Once every few weeks, the application will offer to do a test run for 15 minutes. According to it, the program adapts workouts – distance and pace. You don’t have to follow them. If you exceed the plan and run more, the coach will say, “You ran even more than you planned.”

At the end of any run, the user is asked to rate the load on a scale from 1 to 10, select the relief of the run, post information about the run, and leave comments for himself and other users.

Since Nike wanted to create a running social network, you can edit photos in the app itself, add brand watermarks, use hashtags, and write short posts.

Workout analytics

The history and analytics of training are available in the tab with the activity ribbon (under the diagram sign). There are three tabs – “History,” “Achievements,” “Levels.”

  • All running workouts in your account are collected in the “History.” Above is the total mileage, number of runs, average distance, and pace. This is the average for all runs, not weekly or monthly mileage. It’s nice to look at the total mileage, but it doesn’t provide deep analytics.
  • If you start scrolling through the feed, the program will already show the number of workouts per month, monthly mileage, and average pace per month. Again, with the classic orientation when training runners for a week’s mileage, this is inconvenient.
  • By clicking on a separate workout, the runner will see the distance, pace, time, calories burned, and heart rate if there is an appropriate gadget. Below is information on the segments, the pace on them, the elevation difference. In the “Details” tab – an analysis of each kilometer with time and climb.

Training analysis

  • In the “Achievements” tab, the program collects virtual awards that are given immediately after a run – for the fastest kilometer, for the longest run, and so on. This is a reward-motivation and a small benchmark in the results.
  • In the “Levels” tab – the runner’s own level-rating. A new level – yellow, orange, green, blue, and so on – is awarded for achievements in total mileage.
  • Information about rewards and new levels comes in the form of push notifications.

Challenges, clubs, friends

Below the figurines icon is the Nike Club System.

  • In the “Rating” tab, you can see the rating among your friends. It would be more interesting to see the rating for the entire Nike community or at least somehow rank this rating by parameters, such as location, to compete not only with friends.
  • In the “Challenges” tabs, you can set a challenge for yourself and your friends by selecting the distance, date, and friends with whom you want to compete.
  • In the “Events” tab, you can find events for running clubs in cities around the world. Sometimes events find the runner themselves. Through push notifications, they may offer to run kilometers in support of, for example, a charity event or in honor of a holiday.
  • If you accept someone’s challenge or join an event, you can run the distance anywhere in the world. Nike has a weekly event called Sunday Run. For any Sunday race, the user is rewarded for running his kilometers with the global Nike community.
  • Nike + Run Club, like any social network, makes it possible to find runners-friends with an account in Nike + through contacts on the phone or in other social networks, and then friends from friends on Nike +.

Nike + integrations

The set of partner applications is quite small here: Garmin, TomTom, Wahoo, Polar. Integration is configured in the profile settings.

After pairing, the runner’s device will upload information about the track, heart rate indicators to the application. If the smartwatch is running and the phone remains at home, then the transfer of information will be after the synchronization of the watch and the phone. And then, of course, the runner will not be able to listen to the voice trainer.

The Nike Training Club (Nike strength training app) is also considered an integral program. This happens automatically.

Pros and cons of Nike + Run Club


  • The Nike + Run Club app is great for beginners in the running. The user will be motivated by the coach’s voice comments, virtual rewards, and likes from friends.
  • The intuitive interface is clear and straightforward. It does not annoy with banners, advertisements and does not replete with many functions.
  • Simple programs will guide beginners and intermediate runners in preparation. And in return, the user will receive praise and words of encouragement from the application.
  • Nike + Run Club makes a good assistant and companion in the running. With him, sometimes, there is a slight illusion of company on the run.
  • A nice bonus is the feeling of belonging to a huge community of runners under the auspices of a fashion brand.


  • The disadvantages of the application turn out to be significant when it comes to serious preparation.
  • If you want to use them, most of the features won’t let you leave your phone at home. But running with your phone is not always convenient, especially if you are planning a trail volume run.
  • The training program is still not precise, not individual, and too simple. Improper use of it can cause injury to the runner. It does not include other aspects of running training.
  • Very poor analytics. Most running apps provide significantly more information about individual runs, weekly mileage. Moreover, Nike +, in fact, does not know how to analyze the entire training process together, which means that this application is not suitable for seasonal planned work. 

Enjoy your workouts!


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